Terms & Conditions

  1. Head Hunters salon with its website: www.headhunters24.co.uk belongs to Ms Sylwia Gobiec, and is situated on 208-210 Tooting High Street SW17 0SG Grater London United Kingdome.
  2. Head Hunters’ opening hours are: Monday to Saturday, from 10:00AM to 7:0 PM, except Thursday and Friday when salon is opened until 8:00 PM. There is a chance to book your appointment afterhours, but only before previous agreement with Head Hunters’ member of stuff.
  3. Salon offers a package of complex service, which includes:
    • Hair Care
    • Beauty therapy and treatment including professional nail care
    • Professional consultation and advise
    • Retail sale of a beauty care cosmetics
    • Sale of gift cards, treatment courses and treatment packages.
    • Many more related services
  4. Transaction made in the Head Hunters salon is equal with the full understanding of the terms and the conditions of the salon, contraindications and acceptance of its conditions.
    In case of any circumstances in which customer has hidden the information about his actual health condition, he/she takes the full responsibility for the consequences.
  5. Customer under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted to stay in the salon, and they will be requested to leave at once, as well as customers which are rude or abuse the language forward the salon staff or its customers.
  6. The share of personal data through the questionnaires, surveys or health history forms is held by Head Hunters salon pursuant to the Data Protection Act 1997.
  7. The prices offered on the website are not fixed, and they may change as each treatment is selected proportionally to the customer’s individual needs. Never the less, customer will be informed beforehand about any price change.
  8. Our promotions and vouchers cannot be combined.
  9. Head Hunters does not take any responsibility for the items left without the protection by the customer.
  10. For any service held in the salon, customer is allowed to pay by cash or by Credit/Debit card.
  11. Every appointment booked in Head Hunters will be predate by the text reminder or telephone mad by the member of stuff, therefore customer is required to confirm the visit latest in the evening, one day before the treatment time.
  12. If the appointment won’t be confirmed latest 30 min before the appointment time, such a appointment will be terminated.
  13. Any kind of complains related with the service received in the salon by a member of Head Hunters stuff, must be held in writing on our email address available on our website.
  14. If customer missed his/her appointment more than 3 times, he or she may be requested to make a prepayment as a deposit for the service which can be equal to the 30% of service’s value. In case in which the above appointment will be missed, the prepayment will not be withdraw by the Head Hunters.
  15. In case of lack of satisfaction from the service customer may be given a different treatment or service equal to the value of the above service, never the less none of the services can be exchange or compensate for money.
  16. If a customer holding a gift card will not attend previously booked appointment and will not inform the Head Hunters salon about cancelation, Head hunters will treat the appointment as complete service.
  17. The gift card is subscribed under the name of specific customer for the specific service or money value.
  18. In case of loss or damage of a gift card/course/ treatment package Head Hunters takes no responsibility and do not compensate in any case for money exchange.
  19. The gift card is valid for 6 months, never the less in case of special circumstances it may be extended only if the owner of above will declare before the expiring date of the gift card.
  20. Gift card, course or service package cannot be exchange for money, unless the owner can prove the special circumstance.
  21. In relation with the above, customer is allowed to exchange the service from the gift card, course or service package for another service provided by Head Hunters equally valuable to the one bought by the customer.